Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blog Sale Summer 2013

Here are the "rules" and other info:


I will be shipping from Virginia. After the recent changes in shipping, I am not open to shipping internationally.
**Shipping will cost $2.50 for the first item and $.50 for each additional item up to 5 polishesI can typically fit 6-7 polishes in a flat rate box, so the cost for that is $6. If you want more than that, I will figure the price based on weight. **
Delivery confirmation can be added for an additional $.80. State in your email if you would like it.
I will be using bubble mailers and bubble-wrap.
If you would like to pay for insurance or priority shipping, let me know.
**All sales are final and I am not responsible for items broken or lost in transit.**
**All sales will be done through PayPal. I will accept gift payments or I can send an invoice. You will be responsible for paying PayPay fees if invoiced.** 
You will have 24 hours to send payment.
If the payment is not sent within that time, it will go back up for sale.

Finally, to request an item(s) email me at Please include "blog sale" in the subject, name the items you want by the way I have them listed as some are named by numbers, and what email to invoice you at. If everything is available, I will invoice you directly. If something is sold, I will email you to ask if you still want to make the purchase.

BN = Brand new
1x = Used for one manicure
All others have probably been swatched on a nail wheel

When an item has sold it will look like this: EXAMPLE

My MUA name is victoriancherub if you would like to see the feedback that I have.


Urban Decay Vice Palette; This will come in the box with the brush. The brush has been washed 2x. As for the palette, all colors have been swatched and a couple have been used up to 3x (mostly the last four neutrals). In the image you can see that Laced has some eyeshadow that sticks up a bit more, it was like this when I bought it. The outside of the palette also has some fingerprints/smudges on it from use.; $85 (includes shipping)

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Cocoa; Brand new in box; $15

YSL Glossy Stain 27; used 1x; $22

 Urban Decay Shattered Loose Pigment; used 4x; $4

MAC Party Parrot; used 2x; $20

Please look up swatches as some of the bottle shots are not accurate. 

Fauxnad Plates: 

$1 a piece 









New Additions:

Deborah Lippmann Do Ya Think I'm Sexy: 1x as accents, $8
Zoya Savita: 1x, $10 

Recent Additions without pictures:

Zoya Yara; 1x; $4
China Glaze Elephant Walk; 1x; $3
Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe; 1x; $8
Barielle Positive Zen-ergy; 1x; $3
Barielle Slate of Affairs; 1x; $3
LA Girl Punk (no label); 1x; $1
Claire's Poison Apple; 1x; $3
Emily de Molly Monet's Garden; 1x; $15


Sephora by OPI Hi Def: 1x, $2
Nicole by OPI Green Up Your Act!: swatched, $2
Nicole by OPI Viridian: 1x, $1.50

Nicole by OPI It's Not Me, It's Blue: swatched, $2
Nicole by OPI mini (unnamed) Blue: swatched, $.50
Nicole by OPI mini (unnamed) Red: swatched, $.50
Nicole by OPI mini (unnamed) Purple: swatched, $.50

Wet 'n' Wild Black Red: 1x, $1
Wet 'n' Wild Red Red: 1x, $1
Wet 'n' Wild I Red a Good Book: 1x, $1
Wet 'n' Wild Heatwave: 1x, $1

Wet 'n' Wild Bite the Bullet: 1x, $.75
Wet 'n' Wild Prancer: 1x, $2
Wet 'n' Wild Prancer: swatched, $2
Spoiled Use Protection: swatched, $1

Jessica Smoky Feather: 1x, $2
Jessica Sunshine: swatched, $2
Jessica Touching Me Softly: swatched, $2

SpaRitual Savior Faire: 1x, $3
SpaRitual Inner Sactum: 1x, $3
SpaRitual Savant: 1x, $3

Studio M Fast Play: 2x, $1.50
Studio M Magic Attraction: see usage, $1.50
Candeo Colors Melonball: 1x, $4

L'oreal Luminescence: 1x, $2.50
L'oreal Femme Noir: 1x, $2.50
Julep Gayle: swatched, $1
Julep Miranda: 1x, $1

Rimmel Metallic: 3x, $.75
Rimmel Midnight Blue: swatched, $1.50
Milani Tropical Fiesta: swatched, $1

Scherer Chameleon Calypso: 1x, $3
Scherer Chameleon Blue Sky: 1x, $3
Scherer Chameleon Heat: 1x, $3
CQ Gem Green: 1x, $2

LA Colors Silver: swatched, $.75
LA Colors Purple: swatched, $.75
Kleancolor Starry Purple: 1x, $1
10 I Pinkie Promise: swatched, $2

Color Club mini All That Razz: 1x, $.75
Color Club mini Poptastic: 1x, $.75
Sally Girl mini: swatched, $.25
Hard Candy mini (unnamed) Black with silver microglitter (x2) : BN, $.50 each

American Apparel Neon Red: swatched, $3
Unt Color LT090: swatched, $3
Savvy Orange Overload: swatched, $3
Brucci Explosive Meteorite: swatched, $2

Petites Utopia: swatched, $2
Petites Universe: swatched, $2
Icing Rock Star From Mars: 1x, $3
Island Girl Big Island Volcano: 2x, $4

FingerPaints Holly Good Time: 1x, $3
FingerPaints Pop Rock Pink: 1x, $3
Maybelline Boot Leg: 75% left, $2

Maybelline Red Comet: swatched, $1
Make Up Store Britta: swatched, $8
Butter London Bluey: 1x, $6

Del Sol Heartbreaker: 1x, $4
Barry M Racing Green: 1x, $3

Zoya Rica: swatched, $4
Zoya Bijou: swatched, $4
Zoya Posh: 1x, $8
Zoya Ki: 1x, $4

Penny Talk: 1x, $4
Priceless: 1x, store label on side, $3
Jag-U-Are: 2x, $3

Guilty Pleasures: 1x, small ding on side, $3
Bright Tights: swatched, $4
Cool-lots: see usage, $2
Mini-how High: see usage, $2

Wild Thing: 1x, $4
Camera: swatched, $5
Photo-Op: 1x, $4
One of a Kind: 1x, $4

Braziliant: swatched, $2
Bossa Nova: swatched, $2
Meet Me at Sunset: swatched, $2
Haute as Hello: swatched, $2
Show Stopper: 1x, $1.50


Teenage Dream: 1x, $5
You Glitter Be Good to Me: 1x, $5
I Think in Pink: swatched, $5

A Roll in the Hague: 1x, $3
Brights Power: 1x, $3
The "It" Color: 2x, $2.50

I'm Indi-a Mood For Love: 2x, $2.50
Barefoot in Barcelona: 1x, $2.50
Unlabeled: 80% full, $2

Love is a Racket: 1x, $3
Thanks So Muchness: swatched, $4
A Man in Every Port-ugal: 1x, $2.50

Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow: 1x, $2.50
Honk If You Love OPI: swatched, $3.50
Can You Tapas This: 1x, $2.50

Russian Navy: 1x, $2.50
Give Me Moor: 1x, $2.50
At Your Quebec & Call: lx, black label, $4

You're Such a Budapest: 1x, $4
Unlabeled mini Burgundy: swatched, $1
Unlabeled mini Red: swatched, $1

China Glazes: 

Rated Holographic: 1x, $6
Wild Mink: 1x, $2
Goin' My Way?: swatched, $2

Blue Paradise: 1x, $2
Phat Santa: swatched, $2
Naughty and Nice: swatched, $2

Gothic Lolita: swatched, $2
Hey Doll: swatched, $2
Wild Mink: 1x, $2

Deviantly Daring: 1x, $3
Metallic Muse: swatched, $2
Strap On Your Moonboots: BN, $7

Foxy: swatched, $2
Hawaiian Punch: 2x, $1.50
Bad Landing: 2x, $1.50

Mrs. Claus: swatched, $3
Ruby Deer: swatched, $2
Raspberry Festival: 3x, $1.50

Champagne Bubbles: 1x, $3
Go Crazy Red: 2x, $1.50
5 Golden Rings: 1x, $3

Flirty Tankini: 1x, $3
Swanky Silk: 1x, $3
Coconut Kiss: 1x, $2

Poinsettia: swatched, $2
Magnet: $1


Blue Mosaic: swatched, $2.50
Starry Pink: swatched, $2.50
Victorian: see usage, $2

Electric: lx, $2
Bubble Gum: swatched, scented, $2
Really Rosy: swatched, $2

Calla Lily: 1x, $2
Entice: 1x, $2.50
Unlabeled: swatched, $1

Jelly: 2x, $2
Fuchsia Fever: swatched, $2
Cherries in the Snow: swatched, mini, $2


Rose Radiance: swatched, $2
Rock-On Red: 1x, $2
Unlabeled: 2x, $2

Crush On You: swatched, $2.50
Star of Bombay: swatched, $2.50
Wonderful Wisteria: swatched, $2

Moonlit Madness: swatched, $2.50
Sweet Peacock: 1x, $3
Twilight: swatched, $2.50

Sally Hansens:

Mandarin Garnet: swatched, $5
Golden Cinnabar: swatched, $5
Diamond: swatched, $3

Navy Baby: 1x, $3
Very Cherry: swatched, $2
Pink Satin: 1x, $2

South Sea Pearl: swatched, $4
Covergirl Orange Slush: 1x, $3


China Glaze Gothic Lolita: lx, $3
China Glaze Sunshine Pop: swatched, $3
OPI Bling Dynasty: 1x, $3

Orly Viridian Vinyl: 1x, $4
Color Club Metamorphosis: 1x, $2
Sinful Colors Green Ocean: see usage, $2

Essie Nice is Nice: 2x, $3
Essie Lapiz of Luxury: 1x, $3
Essie Turquoise & Caicos: 1x, $3

Sally Hansen Lady Luck: 1x, $3
Zoya Neeka: 1x, $4
Zoya Breezi: 1x, $4

CQ Mystical: 1x, $2
CQ Sunset Blaze: 1x, $2
Pumpkin Glow in the Dark: swatched, $1

Sally Hansen Precious Peach: 1x, some silver chipped off top, $2
Confetti Just Dancing: 1x, $1
Rimmel Violet Metal: 1x, $2