Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Couple of Old NOTD (Nail of the Day(s))

This was my first Fauxnaud. I think it came out fairly well.

For this I used three of the Milani 3D Holographic colors: Digital, Cyberspace, and Hi-Res. I think each of the strips were about two each. I also used BM plate 07 and Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme for the stamping. 

The next NOTD was the first time I tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects. 

I chose the pattern Girl Flower and absolutely loved it! The whole process only took me about 30 minutes. That includes cleaning, filing, and putting them on. I found it to be really easy to be honest and that's coming from an awkward lefty! I would suggest that your hands be warm when applying them though because they will adhere better that way. 

After wearing these for about a week I finally took them off. I do plan on wearing them again (I have the patterns Kitty, Kitty and Check it Out waiting). I highly recommend these. They may take some finagling to put on, but the end product is worth it.

Let me know what you think! Oh, and I know my pictures aren't that great but I am trying to get better at taking pictures of my nails using my cameras. These were taken with my phone camera which is why they are kind of blurry/grainy. 

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